Why HitsLink?

Activity by Country

This report shows a transaction summary by country.  The country is determined by the visitor domain.  For example, if the visitor domain is some-isp.co.uk, the country would be recorded as the United Kingdom.  The total number of transactions and revenue are displayed for the timeframe selected.

Terms Used on Report:


Also referred to as a 'Unique Visitor'.  By default, this value represents a visitor that comes to your site for the first time in a day.  All subsequest visits during the day by the visitor are not considered unique.

The definition of a visitor can be customized.  You can set a custom period of inactivity that will cause the next access of the visitor to be considered a new visit.  The visit definition screen can be found on the 'Setup' menu.

This differs from a page view or hit in that a single visitor can have one visit per day but many page views during a visit.


A completed transaction by a user.  Transactions are recorded when a special tracking script is executed on your confirmation page(s).  This tracking script can be found on the Account / Get Tracking Script menu item.

Conversion Rate

The percentage of transactions generated per click-through.